February 26, 2010

Friday's for the Guys - Cirque du Freak

Every Friday I highlight books and authors that are ones boys might really enjoy. I'm not saying girls wouldn't read these books, but they are clearly "guy" books.

This Friday I'm highlighting:
The Cirque du Freak Series
by Darren Shan
This is a series that has been around for quite some time.  I always thought it would become more popular than it has.  Only this year have I finally seen several boys/students pick this series up and read it.  I do give some of that credit to the movie that came out.  What's cool is if you like the first book you have plenty more to read - there are 12 in the series.  That is always a positive when hooking my reluctant readers.
To check out a website about the series CLICK HERE
My thoughts on book two: The Vampire's Assistant
I read it this summer and enjoyed it.  It's a much darker story that some other vampire books.  As I told my boys - it's not a sparkly girly girl version of vampires.  This has more action and gore (not super gore, but more than some other vampire books I've read).  I like main character Darren. He seemed realistic especially with not knowing how to deal with everything that is happening to him.
I plan on reading the next book in the series, and I almost bought the movie tonight at Target!
Cirque du Freak #1: A Living Nightmare
Darren Shan is just an ordinary schoolboy who enjoys hanging out with his three best friends. Then one day they stumble across as invitation to visit the Cirque du Freak, a mysterious freak show. Only two tickets are available, so they draw straws to see who will go. As if by destiny, Darren wins one, and what follows is his horrifying descent into the dark and bloody world of vampires. This is Darren's story.
Cirque du Freak #2: Vampire's Assistant
The Vampire's Assistant chronicles his new lonely life as a half-vampire, pumped with the cursed blood of his vampire guardian, Mr. Crepsley. Darren has much to learn about his freshly supernatural state. He doesn't grow fangs, for instance, like he thought he might. And he can't change shape or fly. Garlic just gives vampires bad breath... And they eat bagels. Some of the hardest lessons of all come when he joins the traveling freak show Cirque Du Freak, the show that got him and Steve in trouble in the first place. Readers won't be disappointed by this fast-paced, gory, but strangely amiable sequel. In fact, the plot is much better paced than the first and the dialogue far more natural. Deadly pythons, a snake boy, Cormac Limbs (bite off his finger and it grows back!), and an entire cast of dreadfully creepy characters offer excitement beyond expectation. Along the way, we come to really like Darren, who will do absolutely anything for a friend.
And if you haven't seen it - here's the movie trailer


  1. This series sounds very fun to read! A great book for boys!

  2. I have the first few books in this series. I haven't read them yet, but they do sound interesting! The movie definitely looks good! I didn't know it was out already! :)

  3. I'm so excited because Netflix just delivered the film to my house. Yah!

    I've yet to read the books :)

  4. Stopping by from The Saturday Network. I love book giveaways!! I just became a follower so I won't miss out!!