January 20, 2010

Want to Read Wednesday Jan 20th

Robbie over at Boy With Books started this meme, and it fits my Wednesday needs better. Each week we share a book in our TBR pile that we just haven't gotten to yet, but we really want to read it or a book that's already out that we really look forward to reading.

My Want to Read book is:
Flash Burnout by L.K. Madigan

From Goodreads:
Fifteen-year-old Blake has a girlfriend and a friend who’s a girl. One of them loves him; the other one needs him. When he snapped a picture of a street person for his photography homework, Blake never dreamed that the woman in the photo was his friend Marissa’s long-lost meth addicted mom. Blake’s participation in the ensuing drama opens up a world of trouble, both for him and for Marissa. He spends the next few months trying to reconcile the conflicting roles of Boyfriend and Friend. His experiences range from the comic (surviving his dad’s birth control talk) to the tragic (a harrowing after-hours visit to the morgue). In a tangle of life and death, love and loyalty, Blake will emerge with a more sharply defined snapshot of himself.

I've heard great things about it, but once again I just haven't gotten to it.  One thing I really like about the meme is that it forces me to look AND REMEMBER all the great book on my shelves that need to be read!


  1. Totally unrelated, but did you see the most recent post at Cym Lowell's blog? I thought you would enjoy those owls :)

  2. This one sounds shocking, compelling and full of drama. It isn't something I'd automatically pick but I can see why it appealed to you.

  3. Good pick! I love the sound of the book! Are they going to look for the mother now and his feelings..wow..

  4. I didn't know about this meme, but it sounds like my kind of thing when I'm too busy reading textbooks instead of leisure. That way everyone at least knows I have good intentions. Thanks for the inspiration! :)