January 31, 2010

Sunday Shelves Jan 31st

I am weirdly facinated by other people's bookshelves and why they arrange them how they do. I took this and created a weekly feature, Sunday Shelves. In this feature I highlight the bookshelves of different bloggers and readers.

This week I'm featuring:

Jazz from Miss Danaidae

Below are pictures of her bookshelves followed by her guest post about them. Be sure to click above and check out her blog!

We may perceive people by the types of books they read, but what do our book shelves say about us? Looking at these three spaces where I keep my books, I see the scattered person that I am. Everything is organized in a way that only I understand until I get fed up with the clutter and clean it to a pristine quality. But what is more important to me is the fact that I have so many spaces for books among movies, school assignments, costumes, and clothing. It tells me beautiful words will be with me wherever I go.

What do your bookshelves say about you?


  1. Wow! I prefer to keep my shelf clean, this is a nightmare for me :D I'd stay up all night re-arranging every book If I owned those bookshelves!

  2. Thanks for having me! I linked to this post on my blog.

    Kirthi, at least I keep series together...for the most part. :)

  3. I think we may have the same bookshelf... My bookshelves are telling me that I need to dust, but other than than, they are extremely organized. And I don't buy many books, only my favorites, so there's a whole lot less on them.

    By the way, I've given you an award over at my blog. Check it out. :)

  4. Love the shelves! Love the honesty! Very cool Jazz! :)

    What do mine say?
    I'm an anal :) and obsessed with collecting vintage Reader's Digests :)

  5. Love the shelves, especially how you say that your books will be with you wherever you go. I'll have to remember that the next time mine get messy and I get frustrated.