January 24, 2010

Sunday Shelves Jan 24

I am weirdly facinated by other people's bookshelves and why they arrange them how they do. I took this and created a weekly feature, Sunday Shelves. In this feature I highlight the bookshelves of different bloggers and readers.

This week I'm stealing a post from:
(shhhhhh she doens't know yet!)

She originally said she couldn't participate because she had recently moved and had her books in boxes.  But like the rest of us readers, she has some books out for her TBR pile.  Head on over to her blog to see her picture.

I also thought I'd show you a picture of Neil Gaiman's bookshelves if you've never seen them.  All I can say is WOW!!!

And remember if you want to be part of The Sunday Shelves fill in the form below if you haven't yet.


  1. OH MY GOD, that's like a bookstore. Also my dream bookshelf actually. :D

  2. Oh my freakin gosh!!! Best bookshelves ever!!!

  3. omg I want those bookshelves! That's going to be a necessity when I buy my first house...lots and lots of room for bookshelves :)

  4. Those are beautiful bookshelves and packed so full too! My goal for my next home is to have a library where all my books can be in one room. I bet I'm not the only one who brought a tape measure to see where my bookshelves would fit when I went house hunting.

    I decided a picture wouldn't do justice to mine. So I used Photostory 3 to make a movie. You can see it here. I made it on Jan. 8 and it is already outdated but it gives the basic idea.

  5. One day, my bookshelves will look like Neil Gaiman's. Yep yep. *hopes*

  6. You are TOO CUTE! Haha. Thanks for using my post, and apologies for not remembering it was you with the meme idea! I have been blog-frazzled ever since the move, and nothing seems to stick in this brain of mine. I'll definitely be checking back for more of these posts!

    Again, thanks for the link, and great post!

  7. hilarious!!!and beautiful too...