December 19, 2009

Secret Santa Gift!!!!!!

So I joined the The Secret Santa gift exchange organized by the amazing Kate at The Neverending Shelf.  I got my present a bit over a week ago, but business kept my from posting about it til now.  Here's what I got!

The book Crossroads by Chris Grabenstein
I had this book on my "need to read" list on Goodreads, so I was super super excited to get it! It sounds fantastic. I've read just a bit of it and can already tell it's gonna be hard to put down.
And then of course the adorable OWL bookmark! I have the notebook that matches it, so I was thrilled to get the bookmark as well!

And the gift giver was............

As you can see my Secret Santa was Lynne from Lynne's Little Corner of the World
Thank you Lynne!!!!!!!!!


  1. How cool! I love that she put in an owl bookmark. So thoughtful.

  2. Aww, the owl bookmark is so cute! Now that book is officially on my to read list as well. It sounds so good!

  3. Aww! The bookmark looks so cool! I love the owls :D

    By the way, congrats!
    You just won an award here at my blog.


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I have decided to have my blog be an "award free zone". I am always shocked and humbled when someone wants to give my blog an award, and I greatly appriciate each and every one. The problem, I have no time to pass them on so I end up feeling horribly guilty! Because of that I cannot accept awards I can't pass on! I thank you for the thought tho!