December 20, 2009

In My Mail Box or Shopping Bag Dec 20th

This is a weekly meme inspired by Kristi at The Story Siren and Alea at Pop Culture Junkie. In it we share what books arrived at our house via mail, bookstore or library. I got several books this week. Here we go!

I didn't get much at all this week, but with the holidays coming that works for me.  AND one of the books I got is a book I already won a copy of SO watch for a giveaway!

My two books this week were:
(sorry for the bad pic)

A second copy of The Dark Divine! I won a copy last week, got it, and then got this one from the publisher. This will go up as a give-away!!! Watch for the post today!

(I put a copy of the cover pic below)
From Goodreads:
Fourteen-year-old Trey Laporte is not a kid anymore. Not after the day he wakes up in agony—retina-splitting, vomit-inducing agony. His clothes are torn. His room is trashed.
Enter Lucien Charron, the mysterious, long-lost “uncle” with freakish fire-flecked eyes and skin that blisters in the sun. Suddenly, Trey finds himself living in a luxury penthouse at the heart of a strange and sinister empire built on the powers of the Netherworld—vampires, demons, sorcerers, and djinn.

And there is a girl—Alexa Charron—who is half vampire, half human, and insanely pretty, with powers all of her own. Trey is falling for her.
Trey is training night and day to control the newly discovered power lurking inside him. Now, demons are closing in on every side, and the most psychopathic bloodsucker to rock the Netherworld wants to destroy him. Above all, he must face one terrifying question:
Is he a boy . . . or is he a beast?

Owl of the Week
I got this really cute travel coffee cup at Caribou Coffee (my favorite!)


  1. Looks like some good ones (and a very cute mug!). Enjoy!

  2. I really want to read the Dark Divine. I hope you enjoy it!
    Happy reading and Happy Holidays. :)

  3. I want to read the Dark Divine! I can hardly wait to see how you enjoy it. Great list!

  4. great books! I got the Dark Divine this week too. Wereling sounds interesting, looking foward to your review! enjoy and happy reading!

  5. WEREling sounds really interesting. And I'm lovin' the owl travel coffee cup. ;)

    Happy reading!

  6. Love, love, love the mug! And ooh, The Dark Divine! I've yet to get that sounds good :)

  7. Great books! And totally awesome mug! It's so cute,

  8. Dark Divine has been showing up all over the blogsphere this week. I hope you enjoy it. It is on my wishlist. Wereling is new to me but looks like something my HS students would like. Enjoy your books.

  9. Fun books and love the coffee mug! Makes me want coffee now! :)

  10. Looking forward to your review of The Dark Divine. Love all your owl goodies, they are so cute.

  11. Great books! I really want The Dark Devine. That cup is adorable too!

    Here's what I got this week!

    Happy Holidays!