November 2, 2009

Whoooooo's That Author November: Kurtis Scaletta and contest


This month in honor of the World Series finishing up I'm featuring Kurtis Scaletta author of Mudville - a story about a baseball game delayed by rain for 22 years! I read Mudville this summer and really enjoyed it. You can read my review of it here.

A little about Kurtis Scalett taken from his website

He is the author of two middle grade books - one about baseball and the other about snakes.  He has been writing since he was six years old, selling his first story in 2005 to Cicada a magazine for teens.  That story was about a teen who tortured his teacher by writing bad poetry on purpose.  As I teacher I could see how that would be torture! Mudville was published in February of 2009, and his next novel Mamba Point is due out in 2010.  He was born in Louisania but moved around a lot living in Louisania, New Mexico, England, North Dakota (super interested about this one since I grew up there!), Liberia, Virginia, Brazil, North Dakota (again), Kansas, Maine and Minnesota.  Now that's a lot of moving!

Later this month I'll highlight his new book to be published, Mamba Point.

Of course because I loved Mudville, I think you should read it and love it too! To help with that I'm giving away a copy. Here's a tish about it to hook ya in:

Welcome to Moundville, where it’s been raining for longer than Roy McGuire has been alive. Most people say the town is cursed—right in the middle of their big baseball game against rival town Sinister Bend, black clouds crept across the sky and it started to rain. That was 22 years ago . . . and it’s still pouring.

To enter for a chance at this book you must:

Name your favorite baseball team.  I love the Red Sox, because I lived in Boston for two years.

+1 for favorite team
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Please leave an email address so I can find ya. 
Contest ends 11:59 p.m. CST Nov 25th - right before Thanksgiving
Open to U.S. residents only
Good luck!


  1. +1 for favorite team - I love the Houston Astros. I loved them before they changed colors...and one year all I wanted was to go to a game (I think I was 17), and my parents had almost no money at the time. Somehow my dad scrounged up enough for 25 dollar seats - we were so close I could yell to Moises Alou, and it was fabulous. Best birthday ever. :)
    +1 for sidebar - on the left,
    Thanks, what a great giveaway. rae_sunshien4(at)

  2. I have never heard of this book, but it looks great! Enter me please!

    +1 - fave team: Chicago White Sox!
    +1 - Tweeted:
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  3. Awwww this book looks so good. I love baseball:)

    +1: Favorite Team- Detroit Tigers! (Though they did kind of have a sucky record this year.)
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  4. +1 Favorite Team -- Saint Louis Cardinals :-) We love baseball!

  5. Thanks for the contest! I agree: Red Sox are my team.


  6. +1 Favorite Team - Yankees

    I don't tweet and I'm not sure what this sidebar thing is :( Sorry.


  7. This sounds great! I have little nephews who would especially like it. My husband and 3 teenage sons have all played many, many years of baseball so I'm very familiar with the game. Thanks for your giveaway!

    +1 My first favorite team is my sons' high school team, pro team would have to be the Yankees.
    +1 added to sidebar


  8. +1 My favorite team is the Mets =D.
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