November 16, 2009

Review: The Illustrated Guide to Mythical Creature Illustrations by David West, Text by Anita Ganeri

From Goodreads: 

With stunning CGI artwork—the kind used by Hollywood’s top special-effects experts—noted illustrator David West creates a visually stunning universe, the likes of which you’ve never seen—a universe in which a Cockatrice’s glance can turn a person to stone and the trumpet of the Manticore lures unsuspecting travelers to their fateful doom!

I wish you could see this inside of this book.  The illustrations are amazing.  Full of detail and color that makes some of these creatures almost leap off the page.  With all the creatures appearing in YA and MG lit these days, this book allows the reader to learn more about them.  It's divided into 9 chapters covering such categories as shape-shifters, flying creatures and half human half beasts along with many more.  Each creature is beautifully drawn with a well written description along side.  You can learn such things as where this creature came from, the legend behind it, whether it is dangerous and where it might be found. 

This isn't a book you'd sit down and read cover to cover.  Instead you flip through it again and again finding new creatures each time.  My 8 year old son loves this book spending a lot of time looking at each page, often excitedly showing them to me.  My students at school were taken in my the illustrations as well.  They told me it was a really cool book and said it was fun to read especially with all the books out right now.  I couldn't agree with them more.

Bottom Line:  Beautifully drawn book that will delight all who love "otherworldly" creatures. 

Best for ages: 8+

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