November 8, 2009

I'M AT 75!!!!!!!!

Thanks everyone! I'm awed that I have 75 followers.  As promised I will have a contest for some book. 
Give me a day to figure out what book I'm going to put up for grabs.  I want it one people want, but also one that not a lot of blogs have contests for.  Hmmmmmmmmmm time to get the brain thinking :)


  1. Yay! Celebrate 75! Before you know it you'll be at 150. :)

  2. congratulations lovely!

  3. Congrats on 75!

    When you get a moment could you email me your mailing address for the pay it forward @ Book Blather? You can send it bookblather(at)gmail(dot)com

  4. Congrats mama! You deserve it. You rock rock rock!