November 7, 2009

Cover Thoughts Thursday (1) (on Saturday)

Each week I ask my 7th graders to give me their thoughts about a book cover.  Do they like it? Find it boring? Love it? HATE IT? And also why.  They have strong opinions, and those opinions DO affect whether they find any interest in that book. 

This week's cover is:

Sadly I report they weren't overly impressed by it.  They didn't hate it or anything, they just weren't excited by it.  Some thought the colors were plain- that the gray washed out the whole cover.  One commented that orange is being used a lot - but I don't know if that's a negative or positive.  The biggest way I knew they weren't excited by it - the room didn't buzz when they saw it.  By buzz I mean, they didn't all start turning to each other and talking our calling out their thoughts.  They looked, nodded and then kinda moved on.  Hmmmmm I'll show them they trailer on Tuesday and tell them what it's about.  That might generate interest.  I didn't do this ahead of time because I wanted a reaction to the cover alone.  I do think knowing the premise of the story will pick up interest pretty quick.

(Sorry for the late post on this.  Migraine are NO fun!)

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  1. This is a really cool idea. I think it's awesome that you introduce these books to your students.