November 12, 2009

Cover Thoughts (Nov 12)

Each week I ask my 7th graders to give me their thoughts about a book cover. Do they like it? Find it boring? Love it? HATE IT? And also why. They have strong opinions, and those opinions DO affect whether they find any interest in that book.

This week's Cover is:

Several kids said it definately caught their attention
They thought it looked scary

The colors all blend together - nothing stands out (many said this)
Several couldn't tell what it was a picture of
Kinda boring

Over-All Feel
They seemed to like it and were interested in finding out what the book was about. If they saw it as scary looking they were definately interested in looking at it closer.  The funny thing - Neil Gaiman's name is really big, but I think only 2-3 students had heard of him before until I told them he wrote Coraline! So putting his name so large on the cover was wasted on them.

Ok this is kinda funny.  I read this book this summer, so I looked at the cover a lot.  It wasn't until I put this in front of my students that I saw it.  There is a profile of a face within the cover. I assume it's suppose to be the main character.  Do you see it? Look closely.  The right edge of the stone creates the profile within the mist.  Once we all saw that the cover got waaaaay more interesting!


  1. I had so not noticed the face before. That's really intriguing. I've read this too but my version had the UK children's cover. I prefer the adult one but maybe your class would have prefered mine? Interesting post!

  2. I never noticed that before!
    Funny that they didn't know who Neil Gaiman was until you said he wrote Coraline :)

  3. Hmm...the face profile is the first thing I noticed about the cover. Interesting reactions from your kids!

  4. I had never seen the face before-and I own this book! Thanks for pointing that-I like the cover a lot more now.

  5. Hah, I never noticed the face as well! Thanks for pointing it out! :D