November 1, 2009

7th Grade Saturday (on Sunday)

Ok so I'm day late on this but with Halloween ya know :)

This week I asked my 7th graders to compare different book covers for the same book and tell me which one they liked better and why.  Here are some of the results.

It was pretty much a tie between the first two.  Some liked the tag line on the middle one.  No one liked the one on the right.  Boys thought it was too girly.

Overall they liked the one on the left - they thought it looked more isolated and like the town was ruined.  The one on the right they felt wasn't interesting at all - didn't show the book.

Without a doubt they liked the one on the right better.  They just thought it was more striking.  Surpised me!

They really didn't like the cover on the left at all - the same when I showed them the Uglies cover that matched it.  They thought the cover on the right fit the book and was more interesting to look at. 

They really didn't like the cover on the right at all.  I don't think one student picked it best of the three.  They thought it was boring.  Their tastes were split between the other two covers.  They liked the eye in the middle one.

No competion - the one on the right was their favorite.  They thought it told more about the story.  A few boys thought on the one on the right made it look like a romance. 

Again not too much competition - they liked the one on the right.  They said it looked liked the tree was locking her in.  I loved the one on the left - so this saddened me :)

Yup the one on the right.  They totally laughed when they saw it and wanted to know all about it book.  Besides the black Shiver cover this one got the biggest reaction.

This was a really fun activity with my students.  I loved hearing their thoughts.  I loved it so much - and so did they, that I'm going to make their thoughts on book covers a weekly post.  Start visiting on Thursday, and you'll get to hear what real students think of a book cover.  What they like, love and more importantly - hate.


  1. I think I agree with them about The Forest of Hands and Teeth. I never really "got" the cover on the left after I heard what the book was about. Before that, I'd thought it was some sort of romance! The cover on the right does seem more fitting (though the cover on the left is very attractive... just not for that story).

  2. So great to see that feedback -I loved seeing all the different covers too!

  3. Great post idea! I love hearing their feedback :)

  4. So awesome to hear which ones they like. I agree with most of their choices too!