November 14, 2009

7th Grade Saturday E-Readers

Since 7th graders are surrounded by technology through cell phones, ipods, computers and all things internet I thought I'd get their take on e-readers and whether they think they would like them.  Here are the results.

For an E-Reader:  Most students felt they'd like them.  This doesn't suprise me since much of their other communication is done through some form of technology.  Some of the reasons they gave is that they would be lighter, they are touch screen, they are cool, easier to read and they are fun.  I wonder if they'd feel that way if all of their textbooks were on one e-reader?  There is some talk about usuing e-readers for textbooks.  That way students wouldn't have to lug around big books.  I think many would love that.  Personally though as a teacher I'd worry about the wear and tear e-readers would get from daily use by a middle schooler.  Now for college - that would be awesome!

OH and I forgot! - They thought e-readers would be more green!  Can totally tell what they've been hearing in the media.

Against an E-Reader:  pretty simple arguement here.  They felt it would be hard to read a book on a screen, that it would make their eyes hurt or give them headaches.  That was pretty much the whole of their negatives.  There was a big discussion about them NOT being back lit so they would not be bright like a computer. They thought this would meant e-readers wouldn't hurt their eyes as much as reading on a computer screen. 

I'm still up in the air about this one.  I LOVE the feel of books, and I'm not sure I can give that up for an e-reader.  I was thinking about asking for the Nook for Christmas, but now I'm leaning more towards a netbook so I could work on my book when out and about with my kids.  Hmmmmmmmm guesss we'll have to keep thinking about this one. 


  1. Great poll--I like hearing what they have to say about it. I always thought I was against e-readers, but now that they have the ones that don't hurt your eyes, like nook, I'm very intrigued. I keep going, "Man, if only all my textbooks had been on one of those!" And last night I was like, "Man, can you imagine if all your books were on one? It would make moving so much easier!"

    I'll always love physical books, but I don't think I'd mind having some of them on an e-reader.

  2. I wish I could rent one or something just to try it out before buying one!

  3. While I love physical books and honestly don't believe anything compares - I do like being able to purchase ebooks of authors who are just starting out and haven't been published in print yet.