October 24, 2009

I SOOOOOOO Want These!!!

Ok so Cindy over at Princess Bookie is having all these awesome give-aways going on and there are two that I want super super super bad.  The first is a four ARC buddle of: The Unwritten Rule, The Dark Divine, Voices of Dragons and Bleeding Violet.  Why do I want these???? Because the Unwritten Rule and The Dark Divine are all over the blogger world about how great these are.  I NEED NEED NEED to find out for myself.  Go here to see this give-away.

The other one I want is the Captive.  This is the sequet to Need by Carrie Jones.  I have been waiting for this sequel since I finished Need :)  But the real reason I need it - for my 7th graders! They need the sequel!!!!  Go here to check out this one. 

Keep your fingers crossed for me :)

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