October 3, 2009

7th Grade Saturdays

Now that I'm back at work, and because this blog was started originally for my 7th graders, I want to start dedicating one post a week to them and their thoughts.  Each week I'll be putting up a poll or question in my classroom.  On Saturday I'll report what they had to say. 

This week's poll was HARDCOVER vs. PAPERBACK.



I was pretty suprised by this.  As a paperback lover I guess I assume everyone else loves them like me.  It wasn't even close.  Hardcover won by an overwhelming majority!  I also asked them why they prefered what they did.  Here's what they had to say:

For Hardcover

  • hardcover lasts longer

  • hardcover doesn't fall apart as easily

  • they are just better!

  • you don't have to worry about the cover getting bent

  • they stay nicer

For Paperback

  • cheaper

  • lighter

I personally like paperbacks because I love the new crispness of the cover and the uncurled pages.  Also I hate dusk jackets on hardcovers.  They just bug me as I'm reading.  I always take them off.  But then I'm bugged because the book is so plain!  I explained this all to them, but I was pretty much shot down in favor of hardcovers!  It was a fun discussion, and I'm glad I asked their opinion.  Now to come up with my question for next week :)


  1. I love the way a bookshelf of hardbacks with out their covers look. In my mind it's like having a mini library in my home.

  2. Thanks for sharing this. I'm surprised by the outcome as well. I'm interning at a high school library for school right now, and most of the kids there prefer paperback. The librarian wants to purchase hardcover, though, because they are so much more durable.