7th Grade Saturday - Snackin' and Readin'

Ok this week was a simple one.  I asked them to share their favorite, while reading, snack food.  Here's SOME of what I got:

Diet Coke
candy bars
Gold Fish Crackers
fruit snacks
Wheat Thins (healthiest I saw)

The best was the small arguement that broke out about whether you should eat snacks that are messy because they'll get all over your pages! Some thought that was a crazy idea.  Others thought it was crazy to care. 

I also loved that no where did I see things like: carrots, apples, yogurt, grapes and milk! Hmmmmmm, I'm thinking that books=unhealthy snacks! ;)


Emily said...

Whoever said Diet Coke is after my own heart in a big way. The same goes for whoever said fruit snacks. The jury is out on whether I'd have them at the same time or not though.

Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com said...

I'm getting hungry just reading this :)

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