September 12, 2009

"World of" Weekend meme

For this meme, tell if you would like to live in the world of the book you're currently reading. Would it be fun? Would it be dangerous? Who would you most like to meet in that world? What would take some getting use to? Tell us anything! Be sure to include the author, and make sure to link back. Remember this is a weekend meme, so you have all weekend! :)

This week I read Here Today by Ann M. Martin. (my review is here) This book takes place in 1963/64 a bit before to a bit after the assassination  of President Kennedy.  I would not want to live the main character's life during the book because she is tormented by her classmates, and her mother leaves the family.  But I would've liked to have seen first hand the events after President Kennedy's death. It's something I've only read about or seen on tv shows.  To see that historic event would've been very sad, but amazing at the same time. 

So how about you and the world of the book  you're reading?

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