September 8, 2009

Whoooooooooo's That Author?

Ok I know you've all been waiting for some post that tied in the hoot of the owl!  Well it came to me today - a monthly feature I'll be starting tomorrow called "WHOOOOOOOO'S THAT AUTHOR?".  Here's what it's all about.

Each month I'll feature an awesome MG/YA author.  I'll show what books they have written, direct you to their websites, and anything more that lets you get to know them.  Boy wouldn't it be cool if at some point I'd actually get the author to join us!  Ah wishful thinking  :)  I'm going to try to feature authors that aren't as well known - ones that I don't see as much of on the blogs that I follow.  I really want it to introduce people to an author they might not be aware of.  There are so many writers I love, but I don't hear about them as much.  I want to shine the spotlight on them.  My hope is that it will create a whole new audience for their books.

Along with the featured author I'll be doing a give-away of one book by that author!  There may be some gifties with it as well.  We'll see how my creativity goes. 

The first Whoooooooooo's That Author will be tomorrow.  Check in to see whooooooooooo it is! (ok I'll stop that now!)