August 29, 2009

Random Reading Challenge

I came across a reading challenge hosted by Caribous Mom and thought it wold be a fun one to join.  I liked that it forced me to read books I might be putting off reading.  And I also liked that it was fairly simple and worked with books already in my TBR (to be read) pile. 

Go here to see the full description of the challenge or to sign up yourself! Below is a brief summary.

Pick a random number of books from your physical and virtual TBR pile.  Assign each book a number.  Go to the random number generator here and have it pick which book you read.  Read it. Repeat. It's that simple!  I'll be reviewing all the books I read and keeping you updated on my progress.  I've signed up for the 12 book challenge, so they'll be lots to review.

Ok - time to get reading!

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