July 20, 2009

Every Soul a Star by Wendy Mass


Three teenages, Ally, Bree and Jack tell their story as they come together at a campground named Moon Shadow to watch a solar eclipse. Ally's family owns the campground, and it's the only home she's known. Not for long though. Bree's family has bought the campground and will be taking over after the eclipse. This is not in Bree's plans - modeling and popularity are all she wants. Jack has come to the campground to help his science teacher possibly discover a new planet. He's not like either Ally or Bree. Instead he's shy and would rather read or draw. Through the course of two weeks these three become unlikely friends and learn that, whether you want it or not, life always changes.

I've read two other books by Wendy Mass Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life and 11 Birthdays. They were both good books that focus on characters learning about who they are and where they might be going. Every Soul a Star follows that theme nicely. I'll warn you ahead of time, this book is not a book you pick up if you want laughs or car chases. It's a more serious book about what you do when life gives you something you don't want. Now this isn't to say it's a boring book, but it is more of a "thinking" book. You will be able to relate to one of the three main characters: Ally who is very mature, smart but clueless on how friends work. Bree who only cares about popularity and how she looks - not much help in the middle of no where. Or Jack who fails science, has no friends and would rather live in the world of dreams. They are three very different people.

The story centers around an eclipse that Ally's family has been preparing for for years. As they all move close to the total darkness of the ecplipse, they also become closer friends, closer to who they really are and father from what they thought they knew.

I say definately give the book a try. It might have you hoping for an eclipse of your own.

Grade: A-

Lexile: 740

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