March 27, 2015

New Great Website to Help Kids (and Parents) Read +GIVEAWAY

As an English teacher I'm constantly trying to find ways to get kids reading and ways to help parents get their kids reading.
Recently I was introduced to the website:

Brightly is co-founded by Amanda Close and Christine McNamara, book lovers and moms who in the course of their book-publishing careers discovered that parents craved more lifestyle content dedicated to reading and children. As parents who love to read, they want to share that passion with their children and bond over books. As busy moms, they’ve also experienced the challenges that get in the way of developing this connection. They hope to help other parents navigate through the quarter of a million children’s books out there to find the right book for the right kid at the right time.

I checked it out and was really pleased with what I found. 
Many times a website will only address young readers - like age 10 and below.  That isn't the case here.  This website looks at readers and books from ages 0+! 
Yes that means there are YA books!

What I also liked was that it had quick easy to read articles that parents could turn to and get help keeping their kids reading. As a parent myself I know that I need to read something that gives me ideas and tips in a quick manner!

One of the featured articles right now is: Graphic Language: How to Read Comic Books With Your Kids
It's a great quick read that can help parents see how reading in that genre can grow readers.

Over all it's just a wonderful site - one I'll be sharing with all the English teacher I work with as well as parents! Let's put it this way - if you have readers in your family, if you're a reader or you are around kids reading - you should really check it out!

After I checked out the website on my own (because of a cool giveaway they're having to celebrate the launch of the site) I was contacted by them asking me if I knew about the site and what they were about.  When I said I already had and loved it, they offered up a giveaway for my readers!

A tote bag
The Island of Dr. Libris by Chris Grabenstein 
All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven 

Must be at least 13 and a US resident
Here is their privacy policy if you choose to sign up for their newsletter.  

a Rafflecopter giveaway

March 26, 2015

The Book That Won't Intimidate Me! My Challenge Post.

Yesterday I shared with you the reading challenge that Sara from Winged Reviews, and I came up with.  We're challenging ourselves and YOU to read a book that intimidates you.  This is my intro post declaring what book I'm going to read!

As an English teacher you would think that no book scares me.  I mean I've read Shakespeare, Dante, Chaucer, Bronte etc.  But there are still books I won't pick to read because I honestly think it will be too difficult for me!

The book that's intimidating me the most right now is (ok there's two!):

Game of Thrones
by  George R. R. Martin

Yes this book scares me!  
Ok first of all it's not what I typically read.  When I read I usually read contemporary or dystopia AND it's YA.  I'm not good at anything that even hints at high fantasy.  And this book just makes me think high fantasy.  Ok I know it's high fantasy - there's no use fooling myself.  I just get really intimidated by a book where I'm going to have to look at a map or some other visual just to keep it all straight.  And I know that's the case with this book! There are so many characters, so many places - and it's ALL different from the world I know. That scares me so much when wondering if I can make it through a book!
I'm a baby about this I know :)
Now I've seen season one of the show and loved it, so that will help I hope, but I'm still scared of it!
So I'm challenging myself to read this one!

by Sarah J. Maas

This is pretty much the same reasons as I stated above but magnified because it also seems like it got a Renascence or old English feel.  So that adds another layer of something I'll need to learn and understand!

So during the month of April I will read ONE of these two for sure and review it.  Hopefully I'll read both!

What books intimidate you?? 
Maybe it's for reasons like mine or just because they are long or scary and scary scares you! 
Maybe it's because you never finish something contemporary, so you're afraid to start it.  
Maybe it's a book EVERYONE loves, but you really don't think you will!
 Or Is it that classic assigned in high school that you never did read??
Any reason it intimidates you!

See the intro to the We Won't be Intimidated Reading Challenge to join up!

March 25, 2015

The: We Won't Be Intimidated Reading Challenge! Join Up!!!

One night I was on Twitter and Sara from Winged Reviews and Andi from Andi ABCs were talking about books they haven't read because they intimidate them.  I jumped in to the conversation because I too have felt that way! Even as an English teacher I'm intimidated by some books!! They just plain scare me. 

This got me thinking - maybe we should have a challenge that addresses this! I proposed the idea to Sara, and she was all for it!

So here I am to introduce a month long challenge.  We call it the:

If you are up for this challenge you would pick a book that intimidates you in some way, read and review it. 

  • You must read and review at least one book that intimidates you in some way.
  • You must write an intro post declaring your intent to participate.  In this post you need to name the book(s) and why it intimidates you! Please make sure to link back to us and use the image!
  • Link up your reviews so we can all see how it went.
  • Enter the giveaway by filling out the Rafflecopter (to come later) with a link to your review(s)
  • The challenge will run the whole month of April, and as long as you do all of the above you can join at any time during the month
Prizes will be given at after the challenge month has been completed!! But please, don’t let this be the main reason you participate. Please try to challenge yourself to read at least one book that scares you. 

Link up your intent to participate posts below.  The Rafflecopter for the giveaway will come later!

March 24, 2015

OWL Notes: How I Read

Hi everyone.  I've been looking for something to do for posts where I'm not reviewing a book, but I'm still either featuring a book I've heard about it or just talking about books.

With that I came up with OWL Notes!

This will just be my time to share something book related.  

Today I just have to spill about my reading habits.  I read about some bloggers who read like 5 books a week.  I'm lucky if I read one! And I'm notorious for starting a book, reading a bit, putting it down and picking up another book! I'll have bits and pieces of 3-4 books going at once. Sometimes I'll get back to the whole book, but sometimes I won't!  I'm just not a hugely consistent reader. 

Even when I do get totally hooked on a book, it may be the only fully book I read for another week.  It's just my reading habits.  Sometimes I wish they were different, and I could just pick up a book, read and read, finish it and move on.  But with everything going on in my life, and the way I am - that just doesn't happen.  The books that really matter to me get read.  That's the important part!

What about you?  Wanna share your reading habits at all??