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Book Review: Bubbles by Abby Cooper

Title: Bubbles
Author: Abby Cooper

Twelve-year-old Sophie Mulvaney's world has been turned upside down. Mom lost her job at the TV station and broke up with Pratik, whom Sophie adored. Her teacher is making them do a special project about risk-taking, so Sophie gets roped into doing a triathlon. And to top it all off, she's started seeing bubbles above people's heads that tell her what these people are thinking. Seeing other people's thoughts seems like it should be cool, but it's actually just stressful. What does it mean that Pratik wishes she and Mom were with him to eat dinner? Is her best friend Kaya really going out with their other best friend, Rafael, whom Sophie also has a crush on? And can Sophie's mom ever go back to her old self? In this funny, heartwarming novel, Sophie comes to learn that people are more than what they seem—or what they think. 

Loved this book!  Wasn't sure I would because sometimes middle grade characters can drive me nuts!  But I really liked Sophie.  She was funny and realistic.  Her fears about her friends ditching her seemed legit (sometimes they don't in MG books).  I could see why she was worried.  And I loved, loved, loved what she learned from the bubbles around her.  It was a great lesson for all middle schoolers to learn - the idea that what people thinking may not be reality because of why they are thinking it.  We need to TALK to people to learn their full story not just bits and pieces we hear or piece together.  If you're looking for a good solid middle grade book that kids could relate to I highly recommend it! 


Is it wrong that I want to come back????

An Ending

Almost 8 years ago to the date I started this blog.  I was taking a class and the professor talked about using technology to share with your students, so I decided a blog would be a fun way to do that.  From that small beginning this blog grew.  I loved it!  During it's beginning I was struggling with some personal issues, and it gave me an outlet.  I felt such pride it what I was able to accomplish.

Now 8 years later many things have changed. Blogs have exploded! Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat have become huge places to share the love of books and reading.  I have far greater outlets for sharing my love of books.  And the biggest change - I work in a library now! I'm happier in my life.  I've grown and changed.  I don't feel the need to blog anymore.  I don't feel the desire, the urge or the want.  
I still LOVE LOVE LOVE talking about, thinking about, looking, researching and of course SHARING ABOUT books.  I just don't feel the need to use the blog for that anymore.  

Thank you to all who have stuck with me.  You've been great.  But it's time for me to move on.  
If you really want to still follow me I'm on Instagram as JilltheOwl (shocking name I know!)  I'm share books there and sometimes my reviews of them. 

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Cover Love: The Dazzling Heights

I love book covers! I love walking around Barnes and Noble just looking at all the different covers.  A good cover will make me pull the book off the shelf!  
It's almost like I have a crush on them :)

Today I'm crushin' on:

Questions I have when looking at it:

Are these the same towers from the first book?
Who lives there?
Why the birds?
One is black and one gold - why???
What happens there?

About the Book:

New York, 2118. Manhattan is home to a thousand-story supertower, a breathtaking marvel that touches the sky. But amidst high-tech luxury and futuristic glamour, five teenagers are keeping dangerous secrets…

LEDA is haunted by memories of what happened on the worst night of her life. She’ll do anything to make sure the truth stays hidden–even if it means trusting her enemy.

WATT just wants to put everything behind him…until Leda forces him to start hacking again. Will he do what it takes to be free of her for good?

When RYLIN wins a scholarship to an upper-floor school, her life transforms overnight. But being there means seeing the boy whose heart she broke, and who broke hers in return.

AVERY is tormented by her love for the one person in the world she can never have. She’s desperate to be with him… no matter the cost.

And then there’s CALLIOPE, the mysterious, bohemian beauty who arrives in New York, determined to cause a stir. And she knows exactly where to begin.

But unbeknownst to them all, someone is watching their every move, someone with revenge in mind. And in a world of such dazzling heights, just one wrong step can mean a devastating fall.

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