April 23, 2018

Maud Hart Lovelace Winner Announced!

Yesterday MYRA (MN Youth Reading Awards) announced the winners of the Maud Hart Lovelace award.  I love this award because it's based on kids' favorites.  
They read.  They vote! 

The announcement we held at The Red Balloon bookstore.  My son came with and we got our picture taken!

And here are the winners! 

(Division 1 is grades 3-5 and Division 2 is grades 6-8)

My students were in love with The War that Saved My Life and Beneath.  And of course, we loved Turn Left at the Cow because of its Minnesota connection.  

They also announced the nominees for next year.  Here they are:

What have you read of these??? I know I've got some reading to do now! 

Images are taken from MYRA

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