November 30, 2017

Nonfiction Review: History's Mysteries: Curious clues, Cold Cases and Puzzles from the Past by Kitson Jazynka

Title: History's Mysteries: Curious Clues, Cold Cases and Puzzles from the Past
Author: Kitson Jazynka

Why were the Easter Island heads erected? What really happened to the Maya? Who stole the Irish Crown Jewels? The first book in this exciting new series will cover history's heavy-hitting, head-scratching mysteries, including the Lost Colony of Roanoke, the Bermuda Triangle, the Oak Island Money Pit, Stonehenge, the Sphinx, the disappearance of entire civilizations, the dancing plague, the Voynich manuscript, and so many more. Chock-full of cool photos, fun facts, and spine-tingling mysteries.

What a great book!!! Loved it! I'm totally into all things mysterious, so this was a perfect fit for me.  Some of the stories I had heard about before (Yeti), but others were new.  I think that's what I liked the most - that it included some stories I had never heard of before.  And since I love stories like this it was nice to hear about some new ones.  

The pictures in the book are great - real photographs for the most part.  Very colorful, large and detailed pictures.  That really added to the enjoyment of the stories. I could see kids really looking at the pictures to see the details talked about in the pieces. 

Library Thoughts: I would for sure add this to the library! This falls in the high interest nonfiction catigory 100%!

Final Thought: Great little book.  Loved it and can see kids loving it too.  

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