May 24, 2017

My Dream Reading Space

All readers have one - that dream reading space. The place they've created in their minds where they would love to collapse into and read.   

I'm no different!

What would my dream reading space look like???
But there is something about this one I love too:

First it would be tucked in somewhere so I could almost hide from the world and read. 

Maybe something like this:

I like how you could just curl up in these, be tucked away and just read.

But I'm also drawn to this one! 

I love how it also seemed tucked away, but what I think really draws me to it are the windows (LOVE!) and that chair. I could definitely cozy up in that! 

It would need to have lots and lots of pillows! Soft ones like this one.  You can find it here

And book related ones: (check out this one HERE)

And of course a warm cozy blanket! I like how this one seems like something your grandma would make.  So cozy and warm!  "So cozy and warm!  See it HERE and other pieces HERE".

And lastly I'd need a big comfy chair.  Something like one of these.

I want the one below so badly!!!!

I could go on and on with the lamps or wall hangings I've had, but this gives you a taste.

I've made a PINTEREST BOARD for my wishful thinking. Do you have a reading nook wish?

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  1. Oh yes, I love to read too and for that I can go on and on like you do. I too like something cozy, comfortable and silent. Happy reading.