February 27, 2017

Picture Book Review: Good Morning, Superman by Michael Dahl

Title: Good Morning, Superman
Author: Michael Dahl
Illustrator: Omar Lozano

Look, up in the sky! It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s the . . . SUN! When morning comes, a young boy must prepare for his day, faster than a speeding bullet. Follow along as he leaps tall buildings (jumps out of bed) in a single bound, dons his heroic uniform (his clothes), and faces his greatest weakness (Kryptonite-colored toothpaste). Then it’s up, up, and away to daycare! The perfect companion to the bestselling author Michael Dahl's BEDTIME FOR BATMAN, this official DC Comics picture book will have Superman fans young and old delighting in their morning routines. Includes a morning routine checklist.

Ok so I've been seeing Bedtime for Batman around and LOVED it!  How cute! So when I was offered up Good Morning Superman I jumped at the chance to be able to review it.  So (excuse the pun) super cute! I think I giggled the most when at the start it says "duty calls" and he heads into the bathroom.  I can see my little ones giggling at this as well! My second favorite is when he went to brush his teeth.  I also liked the energy this little guy has.  He pops right out of bed and gets going.  I wish my kids were like that!  And you can tell he's positive too - just like his super hero.  

I have lots of ideas how I could use this with my students.  I could have them take selfies and turn themselves into superheros.  I could have them tell about their mornings.  So many ideas!

In short:  Loved it :)

PS - If you haven't read Bedtime for Batman you really need to.  It's also by Michael Dahl.  Great companion book and perfect for getting little ones to look at bedtime differently.  I can also see lots of ways to use this book.  My favorite part - When the hero "gets the signal" which is his dad telling him to head to a bath! 

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