January 5, 2017

Review: Poetry for Kids: Emily Dickinson

Title: Poetry for Kids: Emily Dickinson
Edited by: Susan Snively, PhD
Illustrator: Christine Davenier

Poetry for Kids series, Emily Dickinson introduces children to the works of poet Emily Dickinson. Poet, professor, and scholar Susan Snively has carefully chosen 35 poems of interest to children and their families. Each poem is beautifully illustrated by Christine Davenier and thoroughly explained by an expert. The gentle introduction, which is divided into sections by season of the year, includes commentary, definitions of important words, and a foreword.

Poetry and kids is a difficult mix.  When I taught middle schoolers I knew to get lots and lots of groans when I said we would be starting our poetry unit.  Because of that I was always on the lookout for ways to make them see what poetry is - playing with words.  When I found a resource that helped me show that to them AND brought in some of the big names in poetry I was very excited.  This book would've been one I turned to.  The beautiful illustrations would pull in some students and as a bonus they would help the students understand the poems a little better.  This isn't a book I see student or kids picking up on their own, but I do see it as a book that can be used to introduce poetry and Emily Dickinson.  

I also want to comment on how the book is arranged.  The poems are arranged by season.  This is nice because it also adds to the ability to understand the poems a bit better.  And since kids can relate to, and understand the concept of seasons, they might not feel as intimidated reading the poems.  

In short: A beautiful book that can help make poetry more appealing.  

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