January 12, 2017

Book Review: Babymouse: Skater Girl by Jennifer L. Holm

Title: Babymouse: Skater Girl
Author: Jennifer L. Holm
Illustrator:  Matthew Holm

BEST GYMNAST. BEST speller. Best kazoo player. It seems everyone has a talent except Babymouse. That is, until Babymouse takes to the ice and surprises everyone with her spectacular spins and jubilant jumps. Until the famous Olympic coach, Coach Bearnakorva, discovers her and asks Babymouse to be her new protege. Will Babymouse's dreams of a medal come true? Or is she treading on thin ice?

The short story: Cute story that I can see appealing to my students.

Long story: This is my first Babymouse book.  I have been having tons of girls check them out lately, so I thought it was time I read one.  I can see the appeal.  They are quick reads with lots of silliness but yet a bit of a message.  Plus - the illustrations make them much more appealing to my girls that aren't big on reading.  I will admit I was thrown a few times because the story jumped around a little.  At one point I thought the story had completely switched, but then it went back to the story of Babymouse skating.  Knowing that the books are written this way, if I read another one I'd be more prepared.  I felt for Babymouse a bit.  It does stink when it feels like everyone is good at something and you aren't.  I liked how she worked through this and how her friends helped her in the end.  It sent a message about doing what makes you happy, but it doesn't beat you over the head.  

We have a ton of this series in the media center, and I'm glad we do.  If it keeps bringing them in slowly I can introduce them to even more books! 

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