March 28, 2016

Book Review: Your Buddy Boodles Series

A few weeks back I received these three books along with the cutest stuff monkey - Boodles - in the mail for review.  

They are written by Christine Burger and being launched by Purposeful Goods

About Purposeful Goods
Purposeful Goods, is an imprint dedicated to providing families and educators with meaningful books that address topics such as adoption, becoming a sibling, the makeup of families today, and friendship. Each story mirrors the lives of young children, allowing them to see themselves in the pages of these picture books.

Solidifying their commitment to literacy for all children, Purposeful Goods recently announced a partnership with First Book. Their first project with the non-profit organization included donating over 1,000 Your Buddy Boodles books to local schools in the San Francisco Unified School District, as well as other low-income communities.

First Book is just as happy about the alliance according to President and CEO Kyle Zimmer. “First Book and Purposeful Goods share the desire to provide children with books that are meaningful, engaging and relevant to their lives,” said Zimmer. “The Your Buddy Boodles series of books directly achieve this goal—addressing challenging topics in a comforting way, helping kids navigate the unfamiliar and opening the door for further discussion. First Book is thrilled to offer these titles to the educators and kids we serve.”

About the Books

Being Adopted is Super-duper Special!
Being Adopted is Super-Duper Special! lovingly explains what "being adopted" means and why having a forever-family is so wonderful. 

We Are Having a Baby
For every little person who is going to be a big brother or big sister, this wonderful journey begins with the happy news that baby is on the way and ends with a sweet bundle of joy. 

What Does a Family Look Like?
What Does a Family Look Like? explains that every family is unique and special. It is not always who you live with that is important, rather what you do together. A foundation of kindness, sharing and caring builds a strong and loving family. 

These books are super sweet and adorable, and I can see how a little one would relate to them.  I really liked What Does a Family Look Like? It's simple and effectively addresses the idea that everybody's family is different and that is ok.  It sends such a positive message to a little one reading it or having the book read to him or her.  

We are Having a Baby was also sweet.  I remember when I had my first son Matthew, and we were trying to explain to his older sister what was happening.  Having this book would've been very helpful!

But I think the cool part that ties all the books together is the monkey Boodles and the fact that you can get your own Boodles for whatever little one you buy the book for! So when my daughter was little if we had used this book to tell her about the baby on the way - she could have had Boodles in the book and a real Boodles to hug and hold! And trust me she would've wanted to hug and hold him a ton because he's very hug-able! She's almost 17 now and when she saw Boodles I had to take him away from her! Although he just transfer straight into the arms of my 8 year old who won't give him up! Even I find myself holding and hugging him.  His arms are made in a way that almost wrap around you! And he's super soft!!!

Final - if you are looking for a good solid book to help your child with some questions or transitions I'd check these books out! 

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