January 15, 2016

Diversity Website: Read Proud. LIsten Proud.

A long while back I received an email from Random House and The Listening Library about a new website that was being launched.  I should've shared it right then and there, but it got pushed to the back burner, and I'm not happy about that!

The website is titled: Read Proud. Listen Proud

I'm going to let Random House and Listening Library explain what the website is all about!
(taken from their press release)


Resource for educators, librarians and parents recommends LGBTQ-focused titles for teens, offers discussion guides, and more

NEW YORK, NY (June 25, 2015)—Listening Library and Penguin Books for Young Readers announced today the launch of their joint campaign to highlight recommended LGBTQ books for young adults: Read Proud Listen Proud. The online resource is designed to spark discussion in the classroom and at home and to encourage understanding through storytelling, celebrating everyone for who they are.

The conversation started by the We Need Diverse Books movement over the last year has demonstrated the need for inclusive literature for kids and teens. The teams at Listening Library and Penguin Young Readers worked together on Read Proud Listen Proudto provide educators and librarians who work with teens, as well as their families, reading and listening recommendations featuring LGBTQ characters, thought-provoking discussion guides, inspiring author interviews, and audio clips, all hosted at www.readproudlistenproud.com.

“Stories teach empathy and help people of all backgrounds to respect themselves and others,” said Cheryl Herman, Marketing Director, Listening Library. “Whether a book or audio is centered on LGBTQ-related issues or features a character who is a positive LGBTQ role model, that story helps to teach young readers and listeners how to be tolerant and loving towards others.”

The campaign kicks off at the American Library Association’s annual meeting, held this year in San Francisco, where the two publishers will be giving away thousands of pairs of rainbow sunglasses during the conference as well as at the San Francisco Pride Parade on June 28, the anniversary of the raid and riot at the Stonewall Inn in New York City that catalyzed the modern gay rights movement.

The history of the riot and the movement that followed is vividly brought to life in award-winning author Ann Bausum’s STONEWALL, one of the first nonfiction chronicles of the movement written for young adults and one of the key inspirations for Read Proud Listen Proud. The site includes interviews with Bausum and Tim Federle, narrator of the audio edition of STONEWALL and author of BETTER NATE THAN EVERFIVE, SIX, SEVEN, NATE!, about its personal resonance to them and importance to young LGBTQ readers today.

As a teacher I sadly see this is one area that is still a struggle to bring into schools in terms of materials given to students to read.  And what frustrates me is that I know there are students who NEED these books because it reflects their lives.  
At least through my blog I can share with my readers a place they can go to find books that can reflect what they might be looking for and needing! 

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