November 28, 2015

My Black Friday Shopping: Signed Copies

So when you're a book nerd your Black Friday shopping tends to look a little different.  

Barnes & Noble had signed copies of various books that went up for sale on Friday morning.  
One of which was The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton.  
This has been an all time favorite of mine since I saw the movie, read the book and memorized the poem when I was 13.  
As a teacher I've taught it up to 4 times a year for 18 years! 
I HAD to get a copy!

So my son agreed to come along (may have had something to do with the Bill Nye signed book), and we set out.  At 6:15 a.m.

Here we are in line :) 

And this is what we came home with.
These are presents.  Pete the Cat is for my son.  He LOVES him.
The Mitten is for my mom.  She loves Jan Brett!

For my daughter - She loves both of these authors.

For my son (the one who came along)

And his Bill Nye  (he has the book at his dad's so I don't have a picture of the cover)

And of course - for me!
You do not understand how excited I am about this! And it say STAY GOLD!  Stay gold!!! I adore this book so much!!!

I hope your shopping as as successful!!!!!

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  1. I went to Barnes and Noble Friday morning as well. Although, I didn't go until around 10:30, but they still had a good amount of signed books! I snagged myself a signed edition of A Court of Thorns and Roses! :D It was very busy, but worth the trip.