April 27, 2015

Patrick Carman School Visit +GIVEAWAY

A few weeks back Patrick Carman visited our school. 

I'm very good friends with our media specialist, and she asked if I would help out by getting Patrick where he needed to be throughout the day.  I was able to rearrange my schedule and help out most of the day! It was so fun.  
We chatted about writing, reading, traveling and what it's like doing school visits.  

If you haven meet Patrick Carman I suggest you do if given the chance.  He's laid back, nice, funny AND writes great books!

Some pictures of the day. These are from when he visited the public library that evening.  I was too busy working to take pics during the day! 
 Great turn out to see him!

Patrick and Me

Patrick and our Media Specialist Sandi

I've highlighted a few times on the blog

I also had him sign several books for me including two for a giveaway!

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  1. How awesome Patrick visited your school. He's an awesome writer.

  2. I would love to see him write another book like Thirteen Days to Midnight. His stuff is popular, but that book is NEVER on the shelves. Good for you for having an author visit. I'm not brave or funded enough to have one!

  3. Author visits seem like such fun for the kiddos. A wonderful way to connect with an author and sparks reading. Nonfiction author Sneed Collard III came once and talked about research, it was very interesting to the kids. So neat you got to meet Patrick Carman.