September 1, 2014

Book News! Final Joey Pigza Book - The Key That Swallowed Joey Pigza

Every once in a while I see some book news that I just feel the need to share.

The other day I received an email that final book in the Joey Pigza series would be coming out.  I didn't know there was another one in the works! 
I love this series.  As the mother of a son with ADHD I appreciate that there is a book that lets him see himself in a character.  

Here's the cover and a bit about it.

The fifth and final book in the groundbreaking Joey Pigza series brings the beloved chronicle of this wired, wacky, and wonderful boy to a crescendo of chaos and craziness, as everything goes topsy-turvy for Joey just as he starts to get his feet on the ground. With his dad MIA in the wake of appearance-altering plastic surgery, Joey must give up school to look after his new baby brother and fill in for his mom, who hospitalizes herself to deal with a bad case of postpartum blues. As his challenges mount, Joey discovers a key that could unlock the secrets to his father’s whereabouts, a mystery that must be solved before Joey can even hope that his broken family might somehow come back together—if only it doesn’t pull him apart first.

It was released Sept 2nd. 


  1. The fourth book was SO sad, and this one seems that way, too. Our 6th graders read the first book as a core novel, but there's not a lot of interest past the sequel.

  2. I swear sometimes I feel like I have been living in a cave. I haven't heard of these books, but am going to put them on my TBR list now. Thanks!