October 2, 2013

Novel Research - Or Why I'm Reading The Great Gatsby

Lately I have been working on a novel. For help I browse Pinterest for inspiration and visuals of what's in my mind.

While doing this I came across the quote below. Although it's NOT a quote by Fitzgerald as it says (I did some checking), it led me to The Great Gatsby. For many reasons that novel factors into the lives of my characters.  So now, many years after I first read it, I am reading it again. Still a struggle, but I know it will be worth it.

Have you read it????


  1. I haven't read Gatsby for years, but I did teach it many years ago when I first started teaching. I never quite understood why it was used in high school classrooms. It is really a soap opera with a lot of adultery going on. Don't get me wrong. I like the book. I just don't see it as right for kids.

  2. Live a life that you're proud of. I like that part the best. Seems like something you should tell yourself every morning when you wake up.