May 18, 2012

Team OWL Review: Dreamland by Sarah Dessen

Today I have a guest review from a 7th grade student.  She is here to review Dreamland.

Title: Dreamland
Author: Sarah Dessen

"Wake up, Caitlin." My English teacher wasn't the only person who'd noticed. 
"Caitlin!" the dance coach barked as I flubbed another cartwheel. 
"Caitlin?" Rina, my best friend, asked. "Hello? 
And finally, the one voice to which I snapped to attention, every time.
"Caitlin," Rogerson said, and I listened so hard, trying to tell just by the cadence what might happen when we were alone. 
What they don't understand is that Caitlin can't afford to leave this dreamland, this half-sleeping state where everything and everyone can be kept at arm's length. Because then she'd have to face the ugly truth about her relationship with Rogerson: magnetic, fascinating--and very dangerous--Rogerson. What is it about Rogerson Biscoe...and why can't she leave him? 

Guest Review

Why did you decide to pick up this book and read it?
I was looking at Ms.F's bookshelf and I saw it and I heard that Sarah Dessen is a good writer so I read the back and the first 2 pages and I really like the book.

Did you like the book? Please explain why you liked it or not.
The reason why I like the book dreamland is because it made me want to keep reading.

Tell me what you thought of the main character(s). Did you like him/her/them? Did you like how they acted/reacted to events in the story?
I like the main character she had a lot of different things that I didn't except to happen.

What part did you like the best and why?
I think my favorite part in the book dreamland is when the main characters older sister runs away and then her mom and the main character find out that her sister is on a TV show.

Would you recommend this book to a friend?
Yes I would because my friend it is hard for her to find books that she really likes and I think that she would enjoy reading the book dreamland.

Tell me anything else about the book and your opinion of it that you want to share!
It’s hard for me to find books that I really like but Sarah Dessen I think is a good writer and her books make me want to keep reading.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Dreamland! I have so many girls that love Sarah Dessen books! Especially my ones that don't like books that aren't "real"!  

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  1. Love the guest review. Thank you! I'll give this book a try.