Cover Crush (lost): Cryer's Cross

I love book covers.  I really really do!  I've been known to drag my sister across Barnes and Noble just to show her a cover.  Or to find students just to show them a cover.  I truly do crush on covers!

Today though I have to talk about a cover I did crush on, and now I'm sad because they've just ruined it.  

That cover is:

Cryer's Cross  

I loved this cover! It was so different from anything else there, and it just screamed creepy! I know too, that it got a ton of my students to pick it up and take a look at it.  Both boys and girls.

Now they are changing it for the paperback to this:

Saddness.  To me it just doesn't fit the book.  Where is the creepiness?  Where is the appeal to both boys and girls?  Sigh.  Thankfully I have the hardcover for my classroom.

I have to share this version of the cover as well though:

 I believe it's the German cover.  LOVE it!  Creepy!!!!!!

Sorry to go negative on a Cover Crush Monday, but it was one time I just had to share my sadness :(


  1. Too bad it got ruined. I liked the first cover better.

    I'm giving away an ARC of THE FAERIE RING by Kiki Hamilton at Literary Rambles today if you're interested.


  2. I have not read the book, but the second cover makes it look like a dime store romance novel. The first cover is really cool.

  3. WHYYYYYY?!? Why did they have to leave the creepiness and atmospheric first cover for a boring, been-there-done-that one? *sigh* Sadness.

  4. I agree with you completely! I read Cryer's Cross and the first cover suits it perfectly. The German is good too. While the paperback cover is pretty, It does not work for this book.
    Truly Bookish


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