June 24, 2010

Review: CSN Stores - Netbook Bag

A few weeks back CSN asked me to do a review of one of they many, many, many products.  I mean really where can you buy a sleeper sofa, shoes and a carseat all in one spot?? I finally settled on a bag for my netbook.  I'd been needing one for awhile since everytime I carried it anywhere I worried about dropping it.  I also figured that some of you fellow bloggers might use a netbook and also be looking for a bag.  Even after narrowing it down to that, I still had some deciding to do! There were so many cute bags to pick from.  I finally settled in the Hadaki Small Messenger Bag.  I placed my order - super simple there! - and waited.  Well I didn' thave to wait long.  Within 4 days I had my bag! It was well packaged and the box was in great shape.  I've gotten things in the mail before where I've wondered how the box made it! 

Here's a picture of it fresh out of the box.

Here it is unwrapped.

I will have to say it was even cuter in person that on the internet.  The size was a big bigger than I thought it would be, but I was really ok with that.  I had hoped for some extra room to include some write materials.  Well look at what it all holds!

Here's all the stuff out of the bag. That's a regular size notebook, a netbook, my manuscript and a smaller notebook. Plus it has two small inner pockets for things like pens/pencils or SD Cards/Flashdrives. Not to mention the two outside pockets for my ever necessary cell phone! 

To top that off the construction of the bag is fanastic.  It's very well made with all the seams tight and, the inside pockets are sewn in securely. Since it's made to be carried around, they made the strap wide and comfortable. 

I'm am completely 100% satisfied with how well done this bag is.  And I'm 100% happy with my experience with CSN.  I will definately be turning to them for future purchases.


  1. what a great looking bag! Love it!

  2. What a cute bag! And, it seems to hold quite a bit whilst maintaining its cute-factor. I love CSN!

  3. Great bag! I have never shopped there - I will have to check it out!

  4. What a cute bag! I've bought a few things from CSN before and love them, but never knew they carried bags! I usually get distracted in their various furniture stores, but guess I need to explore some more.

    Enjoy your bag!

  5. That is a super cute bag! You made a great choice right there!