June 4, 2010

Friday's for the Guys - Toad Rage

Every Friday I highlight books and authors that are ones boys might really enjoy. I'm not saying girls wouldn't read these books, but they are clearly "guy" books.

This week I'm highlighting:

Toad Rage by Morris Gleitzman

I found this book several years ago and knew it would appeal to 7th grade boys.  I read it aloud to my students, and they loved it. Why? It's funny! and not high brow funny.  I mean (ok stop reading if you think middle grade humor is yucky) eat worms and race to see who can poop them out first funny! Oh they are cane toads, so this is pretty much natural for them. 

Beyond the middle grade humor there is a book with a lesson on not giving up.  Limpy wants to know why humans hate them and help them understand that cane toads are wonderful creatures. He refuses to give up even tho he travels in harsh conditions, has to evade people that would do him harm and a country that would rather seem him made into a purse.  I cheered for him the whole way.  And my students did too!

Sidenote - it teaches about invasive species! Loved it because it connected with our science curriculum.

From Goodreads
Limpy’s family reckons humans don’t hate cane toads, but Limpy knows otherwise. He’s spotted the signs: the cross looks, the unkind comments, the way they squash cane toads with their cars. Limpy is desperate to save his species from ending up as pancakes. Somehow he must make humans see how fabulous cane toads really are. Risking everything, he sets off on a wart-tinglingly dangerous and daring journey to . . . the Olympics?
This is the epic story of a slightly squashed young cane toad’s quest for the truth.

There are two other books staring Limpy: Toad Away and Toad Heaven


  1. You had me going with the worm pooping--I was very glad to see the characters were toads!

    I'll put this on my mental list to give my boys when they are a bit older...

  2. That book and my book Dead Frog on the Porch should go on a tour together! LOL