April 29, 2010

7's Up! Two Book Covers

The first is for the cover of The Iron King. Based on the cover and summary I asked my students if they’d want to read it. Results were pretty much what I expected.

  • 18 girls said yes
  • 6 girls said no
  • 1 boy said yes
  • 23 boys said no

 Those that said they wanted to read it were really interested in it - as opposed to just being slightly interested.
NOTE - I have more than 49 students but the rest did not choose to participate.



 The second cover is for Hexhound (the sequel to Firespell) by Chloe Neill. For this one I asked if the cover would make you pick up the book. Here’s what they said:

Yes – cool green fire and hex is a curse so cool
Maybe – she looks really scary and weird
It looks interesting
Yes – she’s hot! (that was one of my boys)
Yes it looks good
It looks creepy
Yes because it looks cool and awesome
Yes because I like the color green (two said this)
Yes it looks magical
No it looks kinda creepy.

I will say they were very interested in the cover whether they liked it or not. It elicited quit a response. But the weirdest one was when one of my students said the girl on the cover looked like Michael Jackson


  1. Your students are hilarious, and I would LOVE to read both those books based on their cover :D

  2. I just hate why some children don't give reading the time of day. They don't know what they are missing!

  3. Oh my gosh, I totally see the MJ hint! Too funny.

    And hey, as a 7th grade teacher myself, I really appreciate your blog.

  4. That's so interesting. I wonder why most of the boys weren't interested in the first book. Maybe there needed to be a sword on the cover or perhaps the publisher was just appealing to girls. On the second one, I don't get the Michael Jackson statement. Great post!

  5. I would choose them both based on the covers alone! I think it's a great idea to get that kind of feedback from them - really, if the cover doesn't appeal to them they won't pick it up to even see if they want to read it.

  6. Haha, I love hearing what your students have to say. I agree with them mostly.

  7. Micheal Jackson? That's funny! :)
    Great to hear the thoughts from your students!

  8. :) I LOVE these. What a fun feature. Bravo!