January 28, 2010

Thinking on Thursday - How Often to Post

On Thursdays I take time to step back and just share my thoughts on things related to reading. Sometimes these may be my thoughts or thoughts I've gotten from my students. It depends on the Thursday. It depends on the topic. It depends on the week!

This week I'm thinking about how often to post.  I pretty much put up a new post every day.  I may miss a day here or there, but it's usually one new post a day.  Some days tho, I'd like to post twice.  Usually it's because I have a review I want to get out there, but I also don't want to miss one of my weekly posts.  What stops me sometimes is that I don't know if it's too much to have two posts go the same day.  Will one not be seen? Do I post one in the morning and one in the afternoon? Do people even care????????

Ok so this isn't a very important topic, and there are tons of other things I could be giving my attention to, but it's a topic that's been floating around in my brain for a little while now.  Maybe I'm giving it too much thought and really what I need to do is just post them as I see fit, and people will decide if they want to read it on their own.  In the end, that's probably what I'll do - at least until people tell me I post too much!

Thanks for listening to my babbling about this not real important topic! If you have thoughts about it, share.  I'd love to hear them!

ps: I'll posting my review of Looking for Alaska by John Green later today, so make sure to come back to see what I thought of it.


  1. This is interesting. My aim for this year is to post five times a week at least, although I'd kind of assumed the max I would ever post would be once a day.

    I tend to read blogs by actually visiting them, and I'm pretty sure I already miss posts on blogs I really like because I don't have time to get to them all everyday. However, if they use linkwithin I often click through to other posts if I spot one I've missed.

    Honestly, I think it depends how much you've got to say though. I would find it hard to keep up posting at a daily rate, but if you can manage more than that - go for it!

  2. I wonder about this too.

    Because I follow blogs in Google Reader, I don't miss a post if there's more than one a day. On the other hand, I have stopped following a few blogs that just posted too often, especially if it's a TON of memes.

  3. I used to post every day, but that was before student teaching, haha. Seriously, though, I've settled into a very comfortable 5 postings a week with an occasional sixth when giveaway time rolls around. Like NotNessie said above, I've occasionally stopped following a blog when they post a ridiculous amount of times a week, especially if they're memes everyday. Great subject to ponder :)

  4. I agree with your post however you see fit. :)

  5. I actually think this is an interesting question. Personally I think I post arounf five times a week too, like Lauren. Very occassionally I do two posts in a day if I have a contet finishing. I hate lots of memes too and I limit myself to two a week. I can't stand it if a blogger does a meme everyday but takes a month to post one review. I always try to read reviews. If I'm following someone I try to read nearly every post but if I'm really busy I limit it to just reviews. I don't mind if a blogger posts more than once in a day. But if it was say 5 reviews I'd only read the ones of particular interest to me. Great topic!

  6. I usually try to post once a day, but if I don't have anything then I'll just skip that day. I rarely post more than once and if I do it's usually because I joined a challenge or it's a special day or something.

  7. I think I like the posts spread out :)
    I also agree with NotNessie :)

  8. I follow blogs in either Bloglines or Google Reader. So I don't miss posts. I don't love it when the blog postings are just a series of memes. A few memes are OK but they should be the main focus of a blog. I like book reviews and author interviews and other posts like this one. I do try to look at all the reviews that are posted. The frequency of posting does not matter to me nearly as much as the quality of each post.