November 9, 2009

New Book Monday (Nov 9)

Every Monday I highlight two books being published this week. I try, whenever possible, to focus on one young adult and one middle grade book. I also briefy share what "new" book I've started reading this week.

Dr. Sigmundus: The Resurrection Fields
By: Brian Keaney

Publisher: Knopf Books for Young Readers
Release Date: November 10

Has anyone heard of this series??? I hadn't until I check out this book on the November release schedule.  I'm curious what others have thought of it.  Let me know if you know of any reviews.

From Goodreads:
Beginning where Book 2, The Cracked Mirror, left off, this finale to the Promises of Dr. Sigmundus trilogy takes readers into bizarre realms with fanciful creatures, continuing its signature exploration of the price of freedom and self-determination. Focusing on the ongoing struggles of its teenaged protagonists, Dante and Bea, it is a journey at once thrilling and thoughtful, with plenty to offer for pure reading enjoyment and book discussion. This trilogy is satisfying for fantasy fans but also accessible to the less-than-hardcore genre enthusiast.

Skeleton Key: The Graphic Novel
By: Anthony Horowitz
Illustrated by: Kanako and Yuzuru
Publisher: Philomel
Released: November 12

I have students that will be very happy to see this one.  Just on Friday several were telling me I HAD to get all the Alex Rider books.  They'll be really excited to see it in a graphic novel format.

From Goodreads
Alex Rider- manga style!

For fans of the Alex Rider graphic novels Stormbreaker and Point Blank, the wait is finally over. Alex is back! Featuring the same actionpacked, manga-esque style as the previous installments, Skeleton Key brings all the thrills and gadgetry to life in colorful, page-turning form.


  1. The Strombreaker graphic novel has proved very popular in my library so I will definitely have to order this one. Haven't heard of the Dr Sigmundus series until now!

  2. I love the Alex Rider books, but I never tried the Graphic Novel version.