October 29, 2009

Two Awesome Contests

I don't do posts very often about contests for books.  But these are two awesome ones.  One is awesome because of the amount of books being given away and the other because of the book alone.  Here they are.

First One:
The Book Pixie is having a mega mega contest for her 17th birthday.  You wouldn't believe the books being given away to 3 different winners. Here's the books the winners have to choose from (taken from her site):

Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick (HC)

Signed! Sliding on the Edge by C. Lee McKenzie (HC) (Donated by C. Lee McKenzie)
Ballad by Maggie Stiefvater (PB)
Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead (PB)
Graceling by Kristin Cashore (PB)
Signed! Bewitching Season by Marissa Doyle (PB)(Donated by Marissa. Thanks!)
ARC of Betraying Season by Marissa Doyle
ARC of Give Up the Ghost by Megan Crewe
ARC of Candor by Pam Bachorz
ARC of Hold Still by Nina LaCour
ARC of Lockdown by Alexander Gordon Smith
ARC of Secret Society by Tom Dolby
ARC of Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl

WOW!!!! If you want a chance at them go here to see how to enter.

Second One
The Undercover Book Lover (not really) is giving away an ARC of Captivate by Carrie Jones.  This is a sequel to Need a book about pixies.  I read it a while back and really like it.  I'd love to get my hands on the ARC. 

Here's a little about Captivate:
Zara and her friends knew they hadn't solved the pixie problem for good. Far from it. The king's needs grow deeper every day he's stuck in captivity, while his control over his people gets weaker. It's made him vulnerable. And now there's a new king in town.

A turf war is imminent, since the new pixie king, Astley, is moving in quickly. Nick nearly killed him in the woods on day one, but Zara came to his rescue. Astley swears that he and Zara are destined to be together, that he's one of the good guys. Nick isn't buying it, though Zara isn't as sure -- despite herself, she wants to trust the new king. But it's a lot more than her relationship with Nick that is at stake. It's her life -- and his.

I can't wait for this book to come out in January.  If you want to find out all the details about this contest go here

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